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Standardized Credentials for the Cannabis Industry

Much of the newly recruited talent to the fast-growing cannabis industry has little to no formal cannabis experience or education.

Guided by industry experts and subject matter experts in everything from seed to sale, the founding GF Institute members worked together to develop the first standardized, industry-backed certificate program for cannabis professionals.

With the creation and deployment of a standardized credential, cannabis brands can build a truly skilled and talented workforce through education and industry-supported career development programs.

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Approved by Leading Industry Experts

Our industry-approved training programs, designed and supported by leading cannabis experts, ensure that every cannabis professional achieves a fundamental, functional level of proficiency and knowledge about key sectors of the industry, and will also function as a turnkey onboarding solution for employers.

With these standardized credentials, the industry can build a truly skilled and talented workforce that provides better service to cannabis customers and patients, safety and consistency in cannabis products, and a new level of confidence, sustainability, and value across our industry.

Dispensary Associate Certificate

Drive higher-quality retail experiences and deliver positive patient outcomes with every customer, every time.

Cultivation Technician Certificate

Understand and master growing practices from start-to-finish to deliver high quality plant products in any grow conditions.

Manufacturing Agent

From topicals and edibles to concentrates and formulated products, transform plant materials into the extracts consumers love.


GFI Steering Committee Members

GF Institute consists of three independent Steering Committees that incorporate many of the cannabis industry’s most respected leaders and companies. The Steering Committees support, guide, and validate the curriculum of the certificate programs, designed to create an industry filled with educated and skilled cannabis talent.

Our Founding Members


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Get EXCLUSIVE Founders Edition pins for your team

To encourage industry-wide adoption of the certificates, GF Institute invites all licensed cannabis operators across the US to become Founding Members of this exciting new chapter in cannabis education.

Any organization that decides to adopt GF Institute certificates for their teams will get ‘Founders Edition’ hard enamel badge pins so every certificate-holding team member can show off their hard work to customers, colleagues, and the general public.