About GF Institute

“Education is going to be a key to the success of the emerging cannabis industry for the foreseeable future,” says Annie Davis, VP of Marketing for Flow Cannabis Co., whose flagship brand is California’s best-selling sungrown flower, Flow Kana. “Educating consumers is our No. 1 goal, but we also hope to see a greater understanding of this plant and its benefits across the public and private sectors, particularly from those in positions of power. Green Flower Institute’s accessible education model makes terrific strides toward those goals.”

About the Standardized Credentials

“Having Green Flower Institute’s Standardized Certificate program set standards and norms that everyone can strive towards is ground-breaking for our industry.” — Annie Davis, VP of Marketing, Flow Cannabis Co.

About Training & Education

“Flow Cannabis Co. only works with sungrown cannabis, which has proven to be an interesting challenge as indoor-grown continues to dominate the market. We work hard to educate our customers about the benefits of sungrown cannabis, which offers robust THC levels and higher terpene content as well as greatly enhanced ‘entourage effects.’ We believe that sungrown cannabis offers the best experience you can have with this amazing plant and appreciate the Green Flower Institute’s efforts to educate professionals and customers alike.” —Annie Davis, VP of Marketing, Flow Cannabis Co.